Get Involved

Please see message below from Julia Alkema which details how you can get involved in helping to promote Badminton across the County.

Dear Badminton Club

In my role as Sussex County Badminton Development Officer, myself, Mark Russ (SCBA chair) and Tanya Woodward (Badminton England relationship Manager) are looking to invite some of our badminton players to sign up to become part of a volunteer workforce right across Sussex. Don’t worry…we won’t be asking you to do too much, but as part of the workforce you will help promote badminton events and promotions and maybe some of you will become scorers or even umpires and can help at big events.

There will be some perks In return for becoming a volunteer but we can discuss those when we have got our workforce in place. 

One of the things that we are going to try and address is the lack of women in the leagues, the SCBA questionnaire that was completed by all the clubs in Sussex a year or so ago, highlighted that almost every single club across the county in all the different leagues had the same issue with not having enough female players. We need to try and tackle this before we loose our ladies leagues altogether.

We’ve got a few ideas but we will need help from you to promote them and to support them, thats all we’re asking.

There will be more information coming in due course but if anyone reads this and thinks I know the perfect person for this in my club please send it on to them or discuss it will them and ask them to drop me an email. As I said, it won’t involve huge time commitment so don’t worry.

Kind regards

Julia Alkema 

Chair of Brighton & Worthing Badminton Leagues & Sussex County Badminton Development Officer.